Don't let pet odors foul your air. Have DFW Steam Cleaning come and clean your carpets and give your carpet and upholstery our pet treatment.

Pet Odor Removal in Dallas, TX

Dallas Pet Odors

Pet odors from dogs, cats, and other animals are hard to remove. To quickly remove pet odors it is important to act quickly and have a professional carpet cleaner such as DFW Steam Cleaning clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. We will pre-treat urine soaked area with our pet odor and stain treatment to nuetrilize the smell and reduce the chance of staining your carpet and rugs.

Eliminate odors caused by dog and cat urine

Our pet odor treatment is the most powerful odor eliminator available. Our trained staff of professionals will identify areas that have been saturated with pet animal urine and pre-treat it with odor and stain remover. We will then use our steam cleaner to clean and extract out the dirt, grime, urine, bacteria, and other offensive materials from your carpet or upholstery that causes stains and odors.

We are not talking about freshening the air but purifiying and extracting out the cause of the stain and/or odors. Our pet stain and odor treatment is designed specifically to deal with difficult odors like cat urine, Our Odor Destroyer is a formulated blend of odor eliminating compounds. The fragrances in Pet Smell and Stain Treatment are present only to leave your home smelling fresh while the active ingredients neutralize the source of the odor.

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