Have pet odors and stains treated and removed from your home in Dallas, Highland Park, or other Dallas Communities.

Pet Odor Treatment in Dallas, TX

Dallas Pet Odors

It is inevitable that as soon as you are not looking at your dog or cat will take the opportunity to relieve themselves. If you are lucky you will spot them and clean the pet urine saturated area quickly and no serious damage is done. The likely scenario is that you will not catch it untill the smell or a stain appears drawing your attention to the affected area.

The first step is to get a black light from home supply store or discount store and use it to scan your carpets and upholstery for soiled areas. When you find an area simply circle it with some chalk and continue untill you think you have identified all the areas. For best results sprinkle some baking soda over the affected areas and cover to keep the pets from re-using the area. Finally call DFW Steam Cleaning to come out and pre-treat all the areas with our pet odor and stain treatment followed by a steam clean and water extraction to remove urine, feces, and bacteria that is causing the stain.

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